Roppongi rickshaws

Those who lived in Big Mikan know: come to Roppongi after half-year and you won’t recognize the place. Your favorite midnight ramen joint turned into massage parlor, the hamburger pit was torn down and replaced by a trendy steel-and-glass boutique, and only the Tokyo Tower and old good Motown stand still as pinnacles of stability in eternally changing district.
I happened to pass through Roppongi in day light (rare event 🙂 this Saturday and bumped into something I haven’t seen before:
Suddenly these tricycle cabs resembling ladybugs crawl all over the place! Looks like fun, cost only 300 yen and certainly good for the ecology!

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  1. Claudia says:

    These velo taxi´s (as they are called in Berlin) seem to be a good option to people who:
    happen to be involved in accidents with passenger quite often (it will give you more safety) and the ones who want to make some money on their way to the office (for instance taken two tourist on the way to and from your office will surely make 15 Euro´s a day!)

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