J Quiz

That’s what I discovered in the backpack of my Japanese friend heading to azure seas and sand beaches of Okinawa. Guess what is it?

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4 Responses to J Quiz

  1. MJ says:

    It looks like an item any average beach goer has in their tote bag….an 8mm reel to reel film projector?!? Either that or a battery powered airbrush filled with sun tan lotion?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Portable waterproof speakers for your portable non-waterproof walkman?

  3. Anatol says:

    And the winners are:
    Jennifer gets award for the correct answer! Amazing, did you guessed or knew?!
    MJ gets honorary mention for good grasp of Japanese beach life!
    Click here to see what is it!

  4. abraxis says:

    That’s Muji!
    they have neat stuff there. Clean designs too.

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