Back to the USSR!

Red Square CrowdsPaul and I
Plane landed in Moscow Sheremetyevo International airport around 5:30 pm, customs, luggage, taxi, hotel. Weather is 25 C, everybody in short sleeves.
By 8:15 we are by the Red Square. Lot of people, police cordons. Sounds of music. Got standing tickets from a scalper, walked through security gates and we are on the Red Square!
Paul McCartney gig is about to start!!! Everybody exited, when he appears on stages whole square roars!!!. And then more then three hours non-stop singing! Incredible totally ectatic experience! More later.

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6 Responses to Back to the USSR!

  1. svetlana says:


  2. Ivan says:

    Anatol and Paul playing hard on Red Square! Beware…

  3. Vadim says:

    Клёво мы на бульваре посидели все-таки 😎

  4. mr. pink says:

    A recent visitor informed me that Moscow has become on of the hottest cities for adult male action. In the name of research, could I request that you explore some of these establishments?

  5. Gudfinnur (Iceland) says:

    Im not sure that you will ever read this but I was wondering how the crowd reacted when Paul started singing Back in the USSR on the Red Square? That is a sight I would have liked to see very much. I saw him playing in Denmark the same summer and Im thinking about going to see him again in the US this fall. The greatest live gigg I’ve ever seen in my life (all 22 years of it that is 🙂

  6. anatol says:

    Crowd was amazing! Most of crowd was mature middle-aged people. Many with kids, maybe even grandchildren. In Russia it’s not custom to show your emotions in public, especially for older generations. But people danced, sung, clapped like crazy and it was extermely warm positive aura floating over the Red Square maybe for the first time in 80 years. As you may not know the Red Square in mind of middle-aged Russians mostly associated with military parades, staged workers demonstrations, corpse of Lenin and police cordons.

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