What for?

What is my goal? Do I have a goal? Why am I switching to Weblog from simple static photo site? Am I going to preach you, teach you and try to change the world? Good questions. The short answer is not. I am going to blog you for sure though. I just like the idea of blogging and visit some blogs when time permits.
My friends are all over the place and mostly very busy, I feel like loosing some of you just due to luck of time to communicate. I hope with this blog it will become easier to keep in touch. I am planning to write a bit about my life and adventures in Japan and other places I lived and visited.
I also would like to add some dynamics to this site. It has been stalled for years. Of course I was and still very busy with Valuecommerce project. But there are other purely technical issues. To change static site I have to write HTML pages, test them, then upload to my site with FTP. With Movabletype all I need to do is type the text and push Publish button. I can push this button from anywhere in the world, all I need is a browser.

Another thing, I got tons and tons of images buried on films, prints, Photo-CDs, hard drives etc. Eventually I am planning to open them up in natural and relaxing way linking them from the trunk of the Weblog.
Of course my main language is photography :), but since I am Russian I will blog in Russian too. Since it’s probably annoying to mix English and Russian on the same page, I will build one more blog purely in Russian and for Russian speaking folks.
To cut it short, this project will be revolving around photos and photography with occasional incursions into everyday life, culture, maybe even politics.
Anybody can comment on any subject. I hope that with help of my friends this site will become dynamic and lively.

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4 Responses to What for?

  1. Harry says:

    Hi Anatol,
    pretty good start. Keep up a “red thread” and it might actually become interesting.
    Some links to outside resources – such as Nikon sites when talking about their lens or info about Taiwan, when talking about traveling there, might not be bad. Basically mix the best of HTML and blogging.
    Also: take a look at moblogging and get yourself a Sha-meeru phone, I believe the quality is quite good by now.
    Happy Easter (when is yours),

  2. Anatol says:

    Harry, cheers! Agree, I will put more links in future and maybe even enhance existing posts. Not sure if it against the blogging etiquette. Sha-meeru phone? Yes I know pretty good camera phones, but will probably wait a while before switching to it. Do you think it’s really that interesting to see just small nails with no text and context even it’s posted in real time?

  3. Ptenets says:

    Fil’, a chto takoe “blog”?
    A ty sjuda kazhdyj den’ teper’ zahodish’ i smotrish’ kommenty?
    I, dazhe strashno predpolozhit’ takoe, na nih otvechaesh’?
    A gde poslednie fotografii Solovkov?
    Na vopros “Solovki” tvoja poiskovaja sistema skazala, chto stranic s takim slovom ne najdeno, a na samom dele u tebja zdes’ est’ starye fotografii Solovkov.

  4. Anatol says:

    OK, first in English. (1) Word Blog is shortcut from WeBlog. (2) I don’t have to visit website everyday to look for comments, it’s automatically sent to me by the MovableType system. (3) Search function currently applies to the content of Blog only and NOT to the entire site. I will fix this sometime (4) I haven’t released to public my 2002 photos of Solovki. Hopefully will do soon 🙂
    и по-русски:
    Blog – это сокращение от WeBlog. Комментарии отправляются ко мне автоматически системой MovableType. Что касается поисковой системы то пока она относится только к содержанию самого Blog, а не ко всему сайту. “Новые” (2002) фотографии Соловков я еще не выложил, никак руки не доходят 🙂

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