Hakuba return

Breaking aesthetic standards of this blog I put photos of me on the front page not (only) because of my narcissism, and urge to make you feel jealous, but mostly because I know how much you miss me while I am away 🙂 Just for your relief: after clicking on one of the nails you want see my face anymore.
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When I learned that I go to Japan, the same instant I knew that I will use this chance to go skiing. I got tired of 10 seconds runs on 200 meters long slopes around Moscow. Can I still handle something more real?
Hakuba is a decent ski resort in relative proximity to Tokyo. I used to ski there quite often. The distance allows you to go Saturday morning and return Sunday night. That’s what we did with small and well-organized team of colleges. The rest is in photos! Since I didn’t venture to bring my main camera on the slope this time, most of the photos are from our pension and from the road.

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  1. Bambina says:

    Happy to see great satisfaction and feeling of achievement on these pictures which is usually reached through the mixture of the right balance of nature, right amount of delicious food and right people around.

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